Fulfilling Orders with your Smartphone

Fulfilling orders with a smartphone

Smartphones are everywhere today. Over a billion Android and iOS devices are in use around the world today, and more than two out of every three Americans own a device running a mobile OS. There are obvious reasons for this mass adoption: smartphones and tablets are easy to use, and they are capable of doing a lot. Their fast, intuitive touch-based interface make even complex computing tasks easy for a wide range of people.

Smartphones also have great potential in business and commercial environments, thanks to their portability, wireless capabilities, and ease of development. It is now very common to see smartphones and tablets in point-of-sale, mobile payment, inventory and receiving, and other tasks that benefit from mobility and intuitive interfaces. But what if a smartphone or tablet could be used in order management and order fulfillment in place of a desktop?

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How to Reduce Picking and Packing Errors

Fulfilling orders is a tedious and repetitive task, making it easy to underestimate how important the process is for your business. Simple mistakes on orders, like packing the wrong item or putting labels on the wrong packages, can cost you thousands of dollars every year. The costs in return shipping, lost or damaged items, loss of repeated business, and time spent on corrections add up quickly.

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