How (and Why) to Synchronize Inventory to POS and Online Channels

Synchronize inventory to POS software

Most ecommerce retailers don’t sell their goods exclusively online. Some have dedicated brick and mortar store space that they sell goods in day after day. Others only sell face-to-face on occasions like trade shows and local pickups. In any case, you need a way to keep inventory up to date regardless of how the sale was recorded. That’s why so many retailers are looking for a way to synchronize inventory to POS software and to their online sales channels.

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Leveraging FBA for Multichannel Fulfillment

Multichannel fulfillment by Amazon warehouses
Amazon fulfillment center in Madrid, Spain. Photo credit: Álvaro Ibáñez

Whether you’re new to selling or you’re an e-commerce veteran, you know how important efficient fulfillment is to your business. Today’s customers expect their order to arrive ASAP, and exceeding their expectations is your ticket to Repeat Order Paradise. However, multichannel fulfillment is no walk in the park; that’s why Amazon offers the services of its fulfillment centers to merchants processing orders from any sales channel.

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How to Manage Multichannel Listings

Managing multichannel listings

The face of e-commerce is changing every year. Gone are the days of customers going straight to their favorite website, picking out what they want, and checking out without hesitation. With marketplaces and niches getting more competitive, online shoppers now have a dizzying amount of places to buy from. Getting your brand in front of these buyers is the way to get sales. This is why multichannel listings are going to be the new standard in 2016.

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