One SKU to Rule Them All: How SKULabs Streamlines Amazon Inventory by Merging FBA and FBM SKUs

In the world of eCommerce, managing inventory can often be as challenging as it is critical. Retailers who sell across multiple platforms, including Amazon, are familiar with the complexities of tracking stock levels for items that are both Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). Enter SKULabs, an inventory and order management system that brings a solution to the table: the automatic merging of FBA and FBM SKUs into a unified, organized catalog.

The Challenge of Managing Multiple Fulfillment Methods

Before delving into SKULabs’ solution, it’s important to understand the problem it addresses. Amazon sellers typically have SKUs that are fulfilled in two ways:

  1. FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon): Amazon takes responsibility for storing, picking, packing, and shipping the product. They also handle returns and customer service for these items.
  2. FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant): The seller is in charge of storing their own inventory and taking care of all the logistics related to shipping, returns, and customer service.

Managing two sets of SKUs for the same item can be a logistical nightmare. It can lead to inaccuracies in inventory tracking, inconsistencies in stock levels, and confusion during order fulfillment – all of which can ultimately harm customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

SKULabs’ Epic Solution

SKULabs tackles this issue head-on with its innovative approach to SKU management. Here’s how the magic works:

Automatic Merging of SKUs

Based on ASIN, SKULabs’ system is designed to automatically identify and merge FBA and FBM SKUs for the same product into a single SKU in the SKULabs catalog. This means that even though you may have different fulfillment methods, your inventory is tracked as a single unit. This automation simplifies inventory management dramatically.

One Unified Catalog

By merging FBA and FBM SKUs, SKULabs creates a unified catalog. This has several benefits:

  • Simplified Inventory Management: With a single point of reference for each product, it’s easier to monitor stock levels and predict inventory needs.
  • Efficient Order Processing: When an order comes in, SKULabs knows exactly which fulfillment method to use based on the most efficient option or the one you prefer.
  • Centralized Data Analysis: With merged SKUs, sellers can analyze product performance across all fulfillment methods without having to segment the data manually. This significantly simplifies the reordering process.

Real-Time Synchronization

SKULabs not only merges the SKUs but also ensures that inventory levels are synchronized in real-time. This means that sales from either FBA or FBM will immediately reflect across the system, ensuring that inventory levels are always up to date. With SKULabs, you can sync your stock levels from FBA into a connected virtual warehouse to always retain visibility on stock levels

Streamlined Restocking

When it’s time to restock, SKULabs provides a comprehensive picture of inventory across both fulfillment methods, making it easier to decide how much to reorder and how to allocate between FBA and FBM.

Consistent Customer Experience

By effectively managing inventory, SKULabs helps sellers maintain a consistent customer experience, regardless of the fulfillment method. Customers receive their orders on time, and the risk of overselling or running out of stock is minimized.

Even the Smallest Feature Can Change the Course of the Future.

The integration of FBA and FBM SKU merging by SKULabs represents a significant leap forward for Amazon sellers seeking operational efficiency. By automating what was once a tedious and error-prone process, SKULabs has empowered retailers to focus more on growth and less on the nitty-gritty of inventory management.

For businesses looking to streamline their operations and harness the full potential of their Amazon sales channel, SKULabs offers an elegant solution that turns the complexity of managing multiple SKUs into a strategic advantage. As eCommerce continues to evolve, tools like SKULabs will be invaluable in helping sellers stay organized, focused, and ahead of the competition.

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The Art of Inventory: How Cycle Counting Keeps You Balanced

Inventory management is a cornerstone of successful businesses, particularly those in eCommerce, retail, manufacturing, and logistics. While traditional full inventory counts (typically done annually) play their role, the growing trend and best practice in the industry today is cycle counting.

Physical inventory counting is more than often viewed with dread and anxiety by both warehouse employees and managers. Typically conducted once at the close of the fiscal year, this mammoth task often transforms into a daunting night or weekend project. Beyond its overwhelming nature, this comprehensive inventory count can be riddled with potential errors. Consequently, this is why cycle counting is quickly becoming the new standard in inventory management.

Problems With Traditional Counting Methods:

“Inventory Day” is a hated phrase in the warehouse management industry. The event is often forced by accounting departments and performed after closing time or on a Saturday. A handful of workers are tasked with pulling every piece of inventory off the shelf, counting the stock level per SKU, replacing them, and finally reporting the results to the warehouse manager.

Since it’s a rare occurrence, the team members involved are often uncomfortable and unsure of exactly what to do. They make mistakes and everyone involved gets frustrated. This issue is exacerbated by the likelihood of this chore being done on everyone’s day off.

The implications of this process extend beyond just the workforce. An inventory count that demands hours of arduous effort, often results in questionable accuracy. An annual count captures errors that have piled up over months. Even more troubling, the extensive duration of the count leaves little room to delve into any inconsistencies. As a result, inventory adjustments frequently occur without a thorough understanding of the root causes.

While single physical inventory counts are the most common way to account for shrinkage and other discrepancies, there are other avenues worth exploring. If the count is taking too much time or isn’t giving you the results you want, you may want to consider a leaner method of maintaining an accurate inventory count.

What is Cycle Counting?

Cycle counting involves auditing a small subset of inventory items in the warehouse at specific intervals, maintaining accurate inventory levels. Rather than halting operations to count all items, companies adopt regular cycle counts. This approach promotes consistent accuracy while allowing day-to-day operations to proceed unhindered.

Why is Cycle Counting Inventory a Good Practice?

There are a number of benefits to switching to a cycle counting workflow. Counting more often reduces the chance of discrepancies, and gives you more time to investigate the ones that do come up. Being able to diagnose why your stock counts were off is huge, as identifying the problems (shrinkage, inadequate training, warehouse placement, etc.) may help prevent them from reoccurring.

Not only is cycle counting better for your inventory and accounting records, but it can be better for your team. By making inventory counting part of your regular warehouse operations, your team will become more skilled and comfortable with the task. After cycle counting has been integrated into their workflow, team members will be able to get the chore done faster and with less headache. Not only that, a more accurate inventory count increases confidence when selling to customers, publishing new listings, and reordering from suppliers.

Key Benefits of using the Cycle Count Method:

Increased Inventory Accuracy: Regularly verifying stock levels increases the accuracy of inventory records. This reduces the chances of stock-outs or overstock situations.

Operational Continuity: Since only a portion of the inventory is counted at a time, business operations can continue uninterrupted.

Cost-Effective: Reduces the cost and time associated with complete stock counts. Businesses don’t have to halt their operations, and they can better allocate manpower.

Identifies Issues Promptly: Regular cycle counting can swiftly identify and rectify sources of discrepancy like theft, damage, or misplacement, helping businesses address problems before they escalate.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction: Accurate inventory ensures that businesses can meet customer demand efficiently, thereby improving service levels and trust.

How to implement effective cycle counting:

Cycle counting is an inherently simple process that’s easy to pick up and integrate into your workflow. However, it’s not without its potential kinks, and there are opportunities to optimize your picking:

  1. Count early and often. A large benefit of cycle counting is that you are counting a small amount of inventory more frequently. Break up your inventory into groups by location, set a schedule to count one group per week (or every other week, or whatever suits your needs), and stick to that schedule.
  2. Count top-selling SKUs more often. The Pareto principle, more commonly known as the 80-20 rule, states that 80% of your sales usually come from 20% of your catalog. Use this to your advantage when cycle counting by grouping those 20% of your SKUs together and counting them more frequently. Your “money SKUs” are the ones whose inventory is changing the most often, and they’re the ones that need the most accurate stock counts.
  3. Show counters the current stock level. Sending your team members in blind isn’t as helpful as it sounds. When they’re counting stock, having an indicator of what you believe to be the current stock level helps as a reference in case they overlook a large portion of that inventory.
  4. Use barcode scanning to make counting easier. Visually counting and writing down inventory counts is slow and error-prone. A barcode scanner and an electronic counter is faster, more accurate, and easier for your team.
  5. Investigate and address discrepancies. Now that you’re finishing your counting tasks faster than ever, you have sufficient time left over to diagnose why stock counts are differing from what was previously recorded. Look into sales records, receiving history, and reorder reports to see what caused the recorded stock level to become inaccurate.

How SKULabs Makes Cycle Counting Easier:

User-friendly Interface:

SKULabs offers an intuitive interface, making it simple for users to initiate, track, and complete cycle counts.

Inventory Segmentation:

With SKULabs, businesses can segment their inventory based on various criteria, such as sales volume, product type, or location. This makes it easy to prioritize which items to count and when.

Real-time Syncing:

Any changes made during the cycle count are instantly reflected in the system, ensuring that sales, purchase orders, and other operations align with the most recent stock levels.

Barcode Scanning:

SKULabs supports barcode scanning, which accelerates the counting process and significantly reduces human errors. Scan the product, enter the count, and you’re done!

Discrepancy Identification:

Once the cycle count is entered, SKULabs compares it to the expected count. If discrepancies are noted, they’re highlighted for investigation, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly.

Exportable Reporting:

After each cycle count, a report can be generated that businesses can use for analysis. This aids in understanding stock movements, identifying trends, and making informed inventory-related decisions.

Seamless Integration:

SKULabs seamlessly integrates with popular eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. This ensures that inventory levels are consistently accurate across all sales channels.

Role-based Permissions:

Businesses can assign specific roles to team members, ensuring that only authorized personnel can make changes to inventory levels, enhancing security and accountability.

Cycle counting is undeniably the most robust method to maintain inventory accuracy, and platforms like SKULabs further simplify the process. With an array of features tailored to optimize cycle counting, SKULabs is an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to uphold the highest standards in inventory management. By leveraging such platforms, companies not only ensure accurate stock levels but also facilitate smoother operations, improved customer satisfaction, and overall business growth.

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Simplifying T-Shirt eCommerce through Virtual Warehousing

The T-shirt business, like any other eCommerce venture, needs an efficient system to track inventory, monitor production stages, and fulfill orders in an accurate yet timely manner. SKULabs, an all-in-one inventory management and order fulfillment solution, has emerged as an invaluable tool for companies that sell T-shirts via eCommerce by using virtual warehouses to represent different stages of production. No matter what method you use to manufacture, whether it’s plastisol, ink / laser jet, or dye sublimation, there’s no need for costly manufacturing software that can be an overkill both on the wallet and functionality. 

Virtual Warehouses?

A virtual warehouse can be used as a digital representation of the different stages of production in an inventory management system. These stages may include intake and housing of raw materials, printing and production of the shirt, items sent for quality control, and ultimately advertised inventory to your sales channels. The primary advantage of using virtual warehouses is the ability to track inventory levels and the flow of goods across different stages without the need for spreadsheets or other costly softwares. With the proper setup, virtual warehouses can streamline operations, improve visibility, and boost overall efficiency.

Organizing Raw Materials

The journey of a printed T-shirt begins with your raw materials. This can include items such as blank T-shirts, dyes and prints, or actual raw materials such at cotton and threads depending on the level of manufacturing you choose to undertake. By utilizing SKULabs’ virtual warehouse workflow, eCommerce businesses can have a clear and organized view of their raw material inventory. This helps companies to maintain visibility on their production items, know how much they have in stock, where each one of them is in the production line, and even get automated reports when raw materials are running low in stock. This helps you maintain optimal stock levels, reduce waste, and prevent mismatches in quantities needed to create final products.

Tracking the Printing Process

The printing phase is where creativity comes to life as designs, logos, and other graphics are transferred onto the fabric. This process can occur in various locales – within your city, across your state, or even within distinct sections of your warehouse. Regardless of the location, SKULabs empowers eCommerce businesses to monitor the progress of the printing stage with ease. With this tool, companies can keep tabs on the quantity of printed T-shirts, the availability of different colors and sizes, and even gain real-time insights into items at various stages of production. As a result, businesses gain a transparent view of their production timeline, enabling them to better prioritize orders and optimally allocate resources.

Monitoring Quality Control

After the printing stage, T-shirts undergo quality control to ensure that they meet the required standards. With SKULabs’ virtual warehouse feature, eCommerce businesses can track the number of items currently in the quality control stage and ensure that only high-quality products reach the customers. This not only helps in maintaining a positive brand image but also reduces returns and exchanges due to quality issues.

Managing Advertised Inventory

Once the T-shirts pass quality control, they are ready for sale. SKULabs, with an ever evolving product, allows eCommerce businesses to manage their finished products across multiple sales channels with granular control of advertised stock through highly customizable stock rules. By using virtual warehouses in combination with sales channel connected warehouses, businesses can have a unified view of their production cycle as well as their available and advertised stock to avoid overselling or underselling. This helps in meeting customer expectations, reducing cancellations or costly returns, and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Seamless Order Fulfillment

SKULabs delivers a seamless order fulfillment process that can transform the operational landscape for your T-shirt printing business. By navigating its user-friendly interface, companies can easily track the entire order journey from initiation to delivery, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. SKULabs’ powerful system automatically updates inventory counts, mitigating the risk of errors and inventory discrepancies. This leads not only to swifter order processing but also to reduced costs related to inventory management and handling. Embracing SKULabs’ highly customizable platform allows eCommerce businesses to heighten customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, and ultimately propel sales growth.

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The Fine Line: Customer Service or Customer Support

Finding the right software solution for your eCommerce business can be a daunting endeavor. Every business has its unique challenges and requirements, and finding a platform that meets expectations is challenging enough in itself. At the top of the list, and a common denominator for every search is always access to support. Its not only about the amount of support, but the quality of support from your software of choice that are key factors in making your decision and final commitment. When shopping for a new IMS / OMS software, don’t be afraid to ask questions. What can I expect for support on this quoted plan? Are there additional fee’s for support or onboarding? Is it same day support, or most importantly… Is it outsourced?

Recognizing this, SKULabs‘ in-house support has meticulously crafted its approach to prioritize customized customer service over traditional customer support. Rather than offering a generic solution, SKULabs delves deep into the intricacies of each account and it’s individual settings to not only get the right answer, but the right answer for you.

This granular attention ensures that users aren’t just given standard answers, but receive guidance tailored to their particular setup. The result? Solutions that truly resonate with the distinct needs of every client. By honing in on the specifics of each account, SKULabs guarantees more precise, efficient, and effective assistance, elevating your overall user experience. Dive into the SKULabs support module and witness a nuanced approach to customer interaction that truly understands your business. Along side of this unique approach, we have partnered with some of the best B2B support interfaces available today. Don’t just settle for email based support most platforms offer, when SKULabs offers some of the most advanced and highly rated support tools in the industry!

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge any extra fee’s for our support or onboarding, and all customers have access to live chat support, email support, phone support and emergency line support, no matter what plan you sign up for!

Top Rated Support Interface

Integrating powerful messaging and automation for self serve and live chat provides a SKULabs direct channel of engagement for customers across support, onboarding, and consultation. SKULabs works with great passion to provide knowledge, tools, experience, and a winning solution for warehouse management processes.

Intercom, an integral partner in our support services, recently announced their biggest ever launch with more than 20 new features built to ensure providing prompt & personal support. Ranging from artificial intelligence organizational tools, to new and robust ticketing systems to facilitate an efficient and easy to use support module. Partnering with solutions that are constantly implementing the latest technology and striving to stay ahead of the curve gives SKULabs the competitive advantage over the other contenders, and the reason why our support is highly praised on big platforms such as Shopify!

Improved Support Experience

When SKULabs clients engage with our support specialists via our messenger-based chat platform, they are privy to tailored responses that align with their company’s unique organizational and warehousing workflows, ensuring a response that is both relevant and in tune with the current operations. This method is a marked improvement over conventional email-based ticketing mechanisms. Rather than attempting to summarize an entire process challenge into a single email and await a response, customers find it much easier to express the issue and converse to bring out the true nature of the inquiry. Our platform allows the seamless exchange of data such as screenshots, technical documentation, imagery, videos, CSV data sets, and even direct access to synchronous screen-sharing sessions via Google Meets. This often results in a better experience, faster results, and a more on-point solution.

Improved Onboarding Process

At the heart of our live chat support is not just any ordinary chat function, but a robust framework manned by a dedicated team of warehouse management professionals and industry experts. Their primary role extends beyond merely resolving queries; they’re committed to ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for every client. We understand the stress and anxieties of small business start-ups, to top of the industry companies looking to change IMS platforms. There will always be a fear of a learning curve, and many times a hard deadline for implementation. No worries, we got your back! We are one of the few companies that do not charge any onboarding fee’s, yet are here to help you at every step of the way!

Interestingly, the concept of “onboarding” as we define it, is not a one-time process. As most of our esteemed customers would attest, the dynamics of warehouse management and fulfillment are constantly evolving. New challenges emerge, fresh solutions are designed, and innovative capabilities are rolled out with the overarching objective of streamlining and enhancing operations. In such a fast-paced environment, the need for ongoing adaptation and learning is paramount. And that’s where our live chat support truly shines.

Whether it’s guiding clients through basic initialization procedures or assisting them in implementing intricate multi-warehouse systems using our advanced shipping rules, our support platform is engineered for clarity, precision, and efficiency. Our team is trained to not just provide answers, but to engage in meaningful dialogues that encourages clients to ask questions, read articles, and equip themselves with the knowledge and tools needed for the long haul. It is not only about offering solutions, but in empowering our customers to harness the full potential of the software, while ensuring they are always at the forefront of industry best practices.

From Repetition to Relevance

One of the paramount aspects of effective customer support is recognizing and mitigating redundancies. This is especially the case with repetitive questions and common topics. At SKULabs, we’ve not only acknowledged this issue but have instituted measures to address it proactively. With Intercoms smart features, we can generate support articles on our FAQ’s, or utilize their built in A.I. features to corroborate and itemize long and drawn out tickets to get a timeline of included important events.

Another unique selling point of our support system is its collaborative nature. Rather than operating in silos, our SKULabs support team adopts a unified approach when addressing customer challenges. This collective approach ensures that when a query or issue is presented, it isn’t isolated; instead, it’s meticulously investigated and addressed by a cohesive unit and in some cases, reviewed by a specialist on the team so that we can ensure you the best possible answers and solutions for your inquiries.

As our esteemed customer, this translates to a significant saving in time and effort for you. No longer do you need to reiterate and explain your issue every time you communicate with a different team member. The essence of your conversation, the challenges highlighted, and the solutions discussed are meticulously documented. This evolving record then serves as a vital tool in ensuring continuity in the support provided.

Every interaction you have through chat becomes part of a growing narrative about your specific needs and the challenges you’re encountering. When any SKULabs support member engages with you, they do so with a holistic understanding of your previous interactions, ensuring that the support provided is not only timely but also contextually relevant. This system optimizes the support experience, ensuring that solutions are not just accurate, but also personalized and on-point. Often you might be asked by our team to start a new ticket when an unrelated inquiry comes up on your original one to ensure each topic is treated with equal relevance.

Organization is Key!

Rapid Assistance through Our Extensive Support Library

Upon entering a query into our live chat, the system immediately suggests curated help articles for prompt resolution to numerous queries. Our sophisticated messaging algorithm scans our extensive library of support articles to offer relevant information, potentially addressing your concerns even before connecting with our live support team. For frequently posed questions, our support documentation often delivers answers in mere seconds.

Simple & Effective Support Management

No more long typed explanations trying to get every word into an email support ticket. By conversing with our support team we can ask the right questions to get to the heart of the issue, and come to a relevant solution.

We feel support services provided to our customers are crucial to their business successes, and that communication is what elevates us beyond our competitors. Careful attention into the details, feedback, and solutions provided, come from our expert product team who specialize in warehouse management, order fulfillment, and inventory management challenges.

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Vital Components for Running an eCommerce Electronics Store

In the fast paced and ever-evolving world of online sales, running an eCommerce electronics business can be akin to solving a complex puzzle. With an array of products and countless variables to keep track of, from single items to bundles or even assembled products, effective inventory management becomes paramount. Adding to the complexity is the necessity for serialization – the need to track individual stock keeping units (SKU) in your inventory yet needing unique identifiers to differentiate them. Additionally you will be selling many items individually as well as combined, such as built PC’s for example. Keeping up with these demands without a robust, capable software solution can lead to operational inefficiencies, poor customer service, and potentially, a loss in revenue.

Welcome to the world of SKULabs, an all-in-one inventory management and order fulfillment platform designed to power your eCommerce electronics business with industry leading efficiency and control. Through its sophisticated features like serialization and managing assembled products, SKULabs is poised to become your trusted partner in navigating the challenging terrain of eCommerce. In this blog, we’ll deep dive into the nuances of these two features and explore how SKULabs can be your key to unlocking sustained success in the bustling electronics market.

Serialization: Order attribution with secure single-use-only verification

Serialization is a standout feature of SKULabs that allows individual tracking of items using unique identifiers, a crucial requirement in the electronics market.

Having the ability to track SKU’s or items such as serial numbers, IMEI’s or batch/lot numbers to reference repairs or returns will guarantee a high level of operational organization and accountability. This is incredibly vital for various reasons:

1. Warranty and Returns Management

When it comes to electronics, warranties and returns are inevitable. With serialization, you can easily trace back an item to its specific sales data, enabling you to handle warranty claims or manage returns more efficiently. This ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction, a vital factor in the highly competitive eCommerce space. When a customer calls in or an item has been returned for repair or replacement, simply scan or type the serial number into SKULabs and we will bring up the order and all of the customer information in which that specific serial was attached. This helps answer many questions, such as when was this item purchased? It it still under warranty? Were there any important notes on this order specific to this customer at the time of purchase?

2. Product Authenticity and Theft Deterrence

The electronics market is rife with counterfeit products. By using unique identifiers, you can reassure your customers about product authenticity. It also deters theft and fraud, as each item can be traced back to its origin, making it easier for you to maintain the integrity of your inventory.

3. Detailed Product History

With the ability to track products individually, SKULabs lets you create a detailed history for each product, including its source, purchase date, and make notes for any repairs or modifications it has undergone. This gives you unparalleled insights into your inventory and aids in making data-driven decisions. SKULabs offers a way to quickly export serial numbers in bulk for third-party reporting requirements and be able to answer “What serials shipped out today?” quite easily. You can confidently rely on reports such as the unscanned serials report to identify when serialized products leave the warehouse without a serial number scan to prevent mistakes, or you can completely prevent items from being verified on orders until a serial number is entered or scanned. SKULabs options are customizable and can be tailored to many different use-case scenarios.

Serial numbers can easily be added to items when receiving or they can be updated in bulk via a simple CSV import

Kitting: Selling multiple products under one SKU/Barcode

In the electronics eCommerce industry, product bundles are quite popular. Whether it’s a game console packaged with popular games or a smartphone paired with essential accessories, consumers often prefer kits that provide a complete solution. The kitting feature in SKULabs allows you to create and manage these product bundles with ease. Additionally you might sell pre-assembled products such as a custom built computer for example. You might even have multiple variants of this build with higher ram, storage, graphics etc. This is where SKULabs takes ownership and will simplify this for you.

1. Simplified Inventory Management

You are empowered to sell all of your items individually as well as in completely built kits, and a single scan of a barcode is all it takes to add or deduct inventory for every component item in your kits!. This helps simplify inventory management, as you don’t have to track each item separately. When a kit is sold, the system automatically updates the inventory of the individual items.

2. Enhanced Sales Opportunities

Kitting is a proven strategy to increase average order value and boost sales. It offers customers a more convenient shopping experience, often at a discounted rate compared to purchasing items individually. SKULabs makes the creation and management of these kits a breeze. Have a slow moving product? Bundle it with your most popular items to start moving that inventory!

3. Reduced Shipping Costs

By shipping multiple items together as a kit, you can reduce your shipping costs. This not only lowers your operational expenses but also allows you to offer competitive prices, giving you an edge in the crowded eCommerce electronics market.

With its unique features like serialization and kitting, SKULabs is indeed an excellent choice for your eCommerce electronics store. It offers a comprehensive solution that not only simplifies inventory management and order fulfillment but also provides opportunities to enhance sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Choosing SKULabs is choosing a future where your business operations are streamlined, your customers are happier, and your growth potential is maximized. Ready to see how SKULabs can power your eCommerce electronics store? Let’s take this journey together!

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