Peak Season Inventory Management & Fulfillment Strategies

Peak Season Inventory Management & Fulfillment Strategies

Warehouse during peak season

Brace yourselves – peak season is coming. Or it’s not. We’re not sure what you sell on your e-commerce platform, and peak season is different for every industry. Electronics and gift retailers hit their numbers during the holidays while sporting goods vendors might get volume spikes in the spring or beginning of summer.

Whenever your peak season comes around, you’ll need to be ready for it. That means planning ahead, isolating weak points, and ensuring your warehouse workflow is running smoothly and scales to meet demand. But what does all that mean for your business? Let’s dig in.

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5 Wholesale Inventory Management Tips for Ecommerce Distributors

Wholesale inventory management

As a wholesale distributor, you face unique challenges that other ecommerce businesses don’t. Your orders are larger, your daily shipping volume is greater, and your long-term customers are more demanding. Your wholesale inventory management solution needs to be up for the challenge. Here are some tips to turn your warehouse into a lean, mean turnaround machine:

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Introduction to Serial Number Inventory Tracking

Serial number inventory tracking through barcode scanning

Inventory management is most often handled on a per-SKU basis. All units of a SKU are summed up into one large quantity. Sales, shipping, and receiving then deduct from that lump sum. This is the ideal inventory management solution for most online retail businesses. It’s fast, simple, and serves your warehouse’s needs without getting in your way.

But what if your business requires you to track individual units in your warehouse? This is something that even the most advanced inventory control workflows can struggle with. How can you track single units that are being lumped together under their shared SKU? The answer for many businesses is serial number inventory tracking:

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5 Warehouse Organization Tips for Ecommerce Retailers

Warehouse organization layout

Your warehouse is arguably your most valuable business asset. This is where your goods come in and orders go out, and the speed and efficiency in which these things happen is vital to your success. It makes sense, then, that you may be concerned about warehouse organization. Keeping this priceless asset tuned can make a huge difference in how your business runs. Let’s go over a few ways that you can take your warehouse organization to the next level:

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How to use cycle counting for effective inventory control

Cycle counting inventory

Physical inventory counting is an almost universally despised chore among warehouse workers and managers. This task is usually done once near the end of the fiscal year in a single nightmare-inducing night or weekend endeavor. Not only is this large inventory count a discouraging and overwhelming task, but it brings with it a ton of room for error. This is why cycle counting is quickly becoming the new standard in inventory counting.

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