Exciting Update: USPS Connect cuts Merchant rates for Priority Mail & Parcel Select Ground

Exciting News: USPS Connect™’s New Rate Offering

We’re excited to announce that as of May 1st, USPS is offering lower merchant rates for both Priority Mail® and Parcel Select Ground® services. These advantageous rates are now accessible through SKULabs!

This change aims to provide a seamless experience and accessible rates to all merchants, taking the stress out of shipping. The need for more flexibility and better options is completely understood, especially for eCommerce businesses in today’s fast-paced digital world.

No Need for a Negotiated Service Agreement

SKULabs is making shipping more straightforward than ever. You no longer need a negotiated service agreement to receive the best available Priority Mail and Parcel Select Ground shipping rates. Volume requirements and tier thresholds have been eradicated to ensure simplicity and accessibility.

Additionally, we have a team of solution experts dedicated to making sure the correct shipping carrier settings are enabled so you get the best rates!

Enhanced Benefits of Priority Mail®

The new rates make Priority Mail® an even more enticing option. Expect lower rates than before for items weighing 1-6 lbs. shipped in Zones 1-4. We also offer cubic options for packages up to 20 lbs., expanding the possibilities for shipping larger or bulkier items. Additionally, you can expect improved delivery times, ensuring your packages reach their destinations even quicker.

Advantages of Parcel Select Ground®

Parcel Select Ground® is now included in USPS rates, providing a broader range of options to fit your shipping needs. Lower rates are available for most packages from 1-10 lbs. shipped in Zones 1-4. Like Priority Mail, cubic options are available for packages up to 20 lbs.

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