Searching for the right eCommerce solution

Starting an eCommerce business can be lucrative, given that online sales are expected to hit $6.3 trillion in 2023. However, inventory management and ensuring streamlined order fulfillment can be a real challenge, especially when dealing with multi-channel sales. That’s why choosing the right order fulfillment and inventory management software is critical.

This article explores some of the challenges you’re likely to encounter when finding the right order fulfillment and inventory management software. We also discuss why SKULabs is the best eCommerce solution.

The challenges of finding the right inventory management software

If you’re in the market for inventory management or order fulfillment software, you’re likely to face several challenges. The challenges include finding a solution that:

Connects to multiple sales channels and marketplaces

You need software that can connect to different sales channels and marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and more. It should also be able to sync inventory levels in real-time across all these channels so you’re not overstocked or understocked.

Has the option to use barcode scanners

With barcode scanners, you can quickly and accurately scan products as they enter the warehouse or before leaving. Scanning ensures that all orders are accurate and that all stock levels remain up-to-date.

Allows for cycle counts

An ideal solution should allow you to take cycle counts of your inventory, so you can keep track of what’s coming in and out of the warehouse. Doing frequent cycle counts will help identify discrepancies between physical stock levels and those recorded on the system.

Can generate purchase orders

A good eCommerce software should allow you to generate purchase orders directly from the system, so you can send them out quickly and efficiently. This will help streamline the ordering process while eliminating any errors that the manual data input could cause.

Creates shipping labels from within

Generating shipping labels directly from the inventory management system is essential for efficient order fulfillment. This feature streamlines the order processing process and makes it easier for customers to receive their orders on time.

Provides a way to handle returns

You’ll need a system that allows you to track and manage returns in one centralized location. This way, you can monitor the volume of returns, identify any trends causing them, and take corrective action where necessary.

Generates good reports

Access to accurate and up-to-date data is essential for making informed decisions and staying on top of your business operations. An ideal inventory management software should generate useful reports and data insights, so you can track performance and identify areas for improvement.

Has a dedicated batch-picking system

Dedicated batch-picking systems can really help your team in saving time and improve accuracy. This allows you to put a scanner in your picker’s hands, and rely on the software to make the decisions on what to pick, how much to pick, and the proper path through the warehouse. This also helps to eliminate costly manual coordination between your various warehouse teams. 

Connects with QuickBooks

Integrating your eCommerce software with QuickBooks is a great way to ensure that your sales, orders, and inventory data is accurately tracked and recorded. The integration will make it easier for you to manage and reconcile financials and give you better visibility into the performance of your business.

Why SKULabs is the best eCommerce solution

When looking for the right inventory management software, you’ll realize that most will likely be similar. The secret is finding the one that hits nearly 85% of your requirements. SKULabs hits and exceeds this threshold since it has all the above features.

For instance, SKULab’s order-picking feature allows for barcode-based order verification. With this feature, you can scan all your order items before shipping them, allowing you to fulfill them with 100% accuracy.

SKULabs also streamline your shipping process by printing labels from the different shipment providers you rely on. You can print these labels without switching between different software as SKULabs integrates with carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and many more!

As for inventory management, SKULabs allows you to see the stock levels for all your items across different sales channels in one place. Even when you rely on a multi-channel sales strategy, you can track and sync quantity changes in real time.

Generating purchase orders isn’t a problem with this order fulfillment software. You can quickly fill in the name of the distributor, store, and purchase terms. 

SKULabs offers basic reports and insights, including inventory summary, history, and cycle count. Its insights feature gives you advanced reporting and metrics related to all your sales, shipping, products, and order fulfillment efficiency.

The integrations are unlimited with SKULab. It lets you connect with shopping carts, marketplaces, point-of-sale solutions, shipping providers, and accounting and payment platforms like PayPal, QuickBooks, and Stripe.

Choose the right eCommerce solution

Running a successful eCommerce business requires an efficient inventory management and order fulfillment solution. While you can choose any inventory management and order fulfillment software, SKULabs stands out due to its comprehensive features.

It’s an all-in-one eCommerce solution that allows you to track all your multi-channel orders in one place, control, and sync inventory in real time, pick and ship inventory with 100% accuracy, and more. Sign up now to take advantage of all the features SKULabs offers.