New Year, New Beginnings: Strategies for a Prosperous Start to the New Year

As the festive glitter of the holiday season fades, eCommerce businesses often encounter a notable slump in January. This post-holiday period can be challenging, with consumers typically reducing their spending after splurging in December. However, with astute planning and innovative strategies, this quieter month can be transformed into a period of growth and opportunity. Let’s explore some practical approaches to help your eCommerce venture navigate and thrive in the new year’s onset.

Understanding Post-Holiday Dynamics

January is a unique month for consumer behavior. After the holiday season’s spending spree, many customers tighten their belts, leading to reduced sales for eCommerce stores. Many companies will mistakenly mirror this sentiment by cutting budget and therefore seeing less frequent engagement with their customers. Although this might have been the norm in the past, this is definitely not the right approach! Consider this, you have just spent the top of your budget marketing your Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas campaigns generating a huge influx of new customers, only to let them go in January? This is the time to keep that momentum going to retain and turn them in to loyal repeat customers!

Additionally, it is crucial for businesses to conduct a thorough market analysis, understanding the current economic climate and consumer trends. This understanding helps in tailoring strategies that align with customer needs and market demands. Let’s explore some simple strategies to use in the upcoming season.

Engaging Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are invaluable for retaining customers. In January, when new acquisitions may be lower, focus on your existing customer base. Enhance your loyalty programs by offering special rewards or points for purchases made in the new year. Consider exclusive deals or early access to new products for loyal customers, fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation.

New Year Promotions and Campaigns

Launch creative promotional campaigns themed around the new year. This could include special discounts, limited-time offers, or exclusive bundles. Additionally, consider cross-promotion opportunities with complementary brands. This not only broadens your reach but also provides added value to your customers.

Digital Marketing Focus

Digital marketing is your powerhouse in slower months. Use email campaigns to reach out to your customer base with personalized offers. Leverage social media to engage with your audience, perhaps by running contests or sharing user-generated content. Also, invest in targeted ads that reach potential customers based on their recent search history or interests.

Inventory Management and Clearance Sales

The start of the year is an ideal time for inventory assessment. Analyze which products sold well during the holidays and which didn’t. For items that are slow-moving, consider organizing clearance sales. This not only helps in clearing old stock but also attracts price-sensitive customers. Clearance sales can be marketed as “New Year Clear-Outs” to add a seasonal touch.

Leveraging Data Analytics

Data is king in the eCommerce world. Utilize analytics to understand customer behavior, track website traffic, and monitor sales patterns. This data will provide insights into what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to adjust your strategies accordingly. Pay attention to metrics like conversion rates, average order value, and cart abandonment rates.

Enhancing User Experience

A smooth and enjoyable shopping experience is vital for retaining customers. Ensure that your website is user-friendly, with easy navigation and quick load times. As more consumers shop on mobile devices, ensure that your website is mobile-responsive. Also, consider implementing features like live chat support to assist customers in real-time.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Increasingly, consumers are gravitating towards brands that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Showcase any eco-friendly practices or products your business has adopted. Engage in community projects or collaborations that underscore your brand’s values, resonating with a growing base of conscious consumers.

Taking Advantage of the Momentum

January offers eCommerce businesses a chance to kick off the year with momentum. To achieve this, it’s vital to grasp post-holiday consumer behavior and effectively manage inventory. Engaging customers with loyalty programs is not only an effective, but a tried and tested strategy. Bolster this success by launching new year campaigns, and by prioritizing an enhanced user experience. Additionally, placing an emphasis on sustainability not only aligns with current trends but also demonstrates responsibility. Collectively, these approaches transform challenges into stepping stones for growth and innovation.

As we embrace the new year, it’s time to put these strategies into action. Experiment with these approaches, adapt them to your business model, and watch your eCommerce venture thrive. Let’s make this year a remarkable one for eCommerce!

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USPS Cracks Down on Voided and Outdated Shipping Labels

In a recent update, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has tightened its policy on countering the misuse of shipping labels, including those that are voided or have expired. This move aims to protect the integrity of the postal system by eliminating fraudulent or counterfeit practices.

Understanding the New Policy

As of now, USPS mandates that all shipping labels must be utilized within 30 days of their purchase date. It is crucial for shippers to adhere strictly to this rule to avoid any operational hiccups. The USPS has made it clear that labels that have been refunded or not used within the 30-day window are considered invalid and should be promptly discarded.

The Risk of Non-Compliance

What’s at stake if you disregard this policy? The consequences are significant. If you attempt to ship with an invalid label, you not only risk losing your package but also any claim to it. USPS has stated that packages with invalid labels will be seized and disposed of without the possibility of filing claims.

Staying Within the Guidelines

To stay compliant with USPS’s latest policy, it is essential to:

  • Monitor the purchase dates of your labels closely.
  • Refrain from using labels that have been refunded or are past the 30-day usage period.
  • Verify the validity of your labels before attaching them to your packages.

Commitment to Excellence

This policy update reflects USPS’s commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable postal service. As a shipper, staying informed and compliant with these regulations is not only beneficial for your operations but also contributes to the overall efficiency and security of the mailing system.

Remember, these updated policies are already in effect, and it is our responsibility to align with them to ensure our parcels reach their destinations without any issues.

Check out our blog on SKULabs’ recent partnership with the USPS and how you can take advantage of their new Ground Advantage rates with us!

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Ready, Set, Sell: Your Ultimate Countdown to Black Friday Launch for eCommerce Success

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, there’s one thing on every eCommerce seller’s mind: the Black Friday frenzy. The day after Thanksgiving has grown from a U.S.-centric shopping extravaganza into a global phenomenon, marking the start of a make-or-break season for eCommerce businesses everywhere.

Black Friday is a watershed event on the retail calendar. In the eCommerce landscape, it’s a period of both excitement and apprehension. With this retail rush just around the corner, eCommerce sellers face the enormous task of fortifying various aspects of their business to withstand the surge in demand, particularly focusing on warehouse management, staff preparedness, and inventory levels.

With the digital space more crowded than ever, it’s crucial that sellers meticulously prepare for this high-stakes period and holiday seasons. The success of your entire year can hinge on your Black Friday performance, making preparation not just advisable but essential. And with tools like SKULabs at your disposal, streamlining your operations for the big day has never been more straightforward.

T-Minus 30 Days: Inventory Management and Stocking Up

The countdown begins with an unglamorous, yet utterly essential task: Inventory Management. After ensuring you have correct stock counts on the shelves with SKULabs cycle count feature, analyzing sales data from previous years can help forecast demand for your products, ensuring stock levels can meet customer expectations.

Your sales are only as good as your inventory count. Analyzing sales trends from previous years can offer insights into which items are likely to be your top sellers. Adequate stock levels are crucial to meet customer demand and to avoid the dreaded “Out of Stock” sticker. A robust replenishment strategy for these hot-ticket items is imperative.

Additionally, having a contingency plan for potential supply chain disruptions is prudent. The recent global landscape has been unpredictable, and having alternative suppliers or extra stock for top-selling items could save your sales figures.

SKULabs’ inventory management system lets you sync your sales across all your online storefronts, avoiding stock-outs or overselling. By integrating everything into a single dashboard, you can manage stock levels, barcode scan products for real-time updates, and even semi-automate purchase orders for when stock gets low.

SKULabs offers a sales velocity tool which can take you back in time to previous years Black Friday months to get an idea of what your sales might be and what to prepare for. Additionally this can help you identify your high volume SKUs so you know what items you will need to have adequate stock. The sales velocity tool offers various insights such as:

  • Sold: This count represents the total quantity of an item that has been sold over the provided date range.
  • # Days Sold: This count indicates over how many days the sales occurred for an item.
  • Velocity: This metric provides the average number of units sold per day.
  • Projected: This value indicates projected sales over the Forecasted time (days).
  • Mover: The mover rating is a ranking of each item in your inventory based on recent sales volume. “A” movers are your top 20% of items sold recently, while “B” items are your next 60%, and “C” items are your bottom 20%.
  • Days left: This indicates the number of days before selling out available inventory for an item.

For those of you who envision needing extra protection from flash sales, sniping or generating at a pace of 100 or more orders per minute, reach out to the team at SKULabs to help put some extra protection in place such as our advanced stock rules and our enterprise level Optimized Sync.

T-Minus 20 Days: Optimize Your Fulfillment Process

As Black Friday approaches, your focus should shift towards a solid fulfillment strategy. The ability to efficiently process orders dictates your customers’ experience and your store’s reviews and ratings. This is the time to ensure you have the extra staff necessary, and the picking and packing process refined. This is also a great opportunity to optimize your warehouse layout and make the necessary changes to your bin assignments by putting your fastest moving items closest to the packing stations. These can easily be identified in the Mover column in SKULabs’ sales velocity report.

SKULabs can help bring all of this together by offering an all-in-one order fulfillment solution. You can create customized pick lists to batch pick single or multiple orders, as well as pick, and pack orders with barcode scanning; eliminating errors and speeding up the shipping process. Premium members can also take advantage of our dedicated batch picking interface! Plus, with real-time analytics, you can always have a bird’s eye view of your fulfillment performance and make instant adjustments as needed.

T-Minus 14 Days: Hardware Stress Test

Nothing throws a bigger wrench in Black Friday operations than a systems failure. Conduct thorough tests on your machines, make sure they are up to date and connected to the eCommerce platform without any errors. This will help to ensure it can handle the surge in traffic, increased transactions and give you peace of mind that everything is communicating as expected. Simultaneously, verify that your hardware integration with SKULabs is seamless, allowing for real-time updates between your storefront(s) and inventory/fulfillment data. Test your internet router and double-check your barcode scanners as well as printers and connectivity. A quick systems check can be simple and straight forward and help you to avoid an unnecessary pause in operations when you need it the most!

T-Minus 7 Days: Finalize Promotions and Marketing Strategies

With one week left, your deals should be ready to delight, and your marketing machine set to allure. Email campaigns, social media blasts, and website banners should all be queued up, ready for launch. SKULabs’ inventory insights come in handy here, too, helping you avoid promoting an item that’s low in stock or traditionally has not been a very popular item.

T-Minus 1 Day: Team Prep and Final System Checks

It all begins with the human resource. To navigate through the avalanche of orders and customer inquiries, it’s critical to ensure that you have adequate staffing levels. It’s not just about having bodies in the building; it’s about having trained, knowledgeable team members ready to tackle challenges head-on.

Start by reviewing data from previous years to anticipate the required workforce numbers and then initiate hiring if necessary. Moreover, ensure existing staff are well-trained to handle increased pressure, and consider preparing shift patterns to keep operations running smoothly 24/7 if necessary.

On the eve of Black Friday, have a final team meeting to ensure everyone is clear on their roles and responsibilities. Conduct a final sweep of your systems, ensuring your SKULabs dashboard, and all necessary hardware is up and running, providing you the vital lifeline across your sales, inventory, and fulfillment sectors.

Black Friday: Launch Time

With thorough preparation and a powerful ally in SKULabs, you’re set to make this high-traffic event your most successful yet. Keep an eye on your systems, stay flexible, and remember: this is just the beginning. Cyber Monday is right around the corner, and the holiday shopping season will be in full swing.

In the modern eCommerce arena, businesses armed with data, seamless systems integration, and effective multi-channel management stand the best chance of reigning supreme. This Black Friday, let preparation be your pathway to unprecedented success. Happy selling!

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Automate and Elevate: The Power of SKULabs’ Innovative Shipping Rules

Innovative software in today’s eCommerce-driven world have made leaps and bounds over the past few years in helping companies that sell their products online automate many of their daily processes. Whether you are selling on Shopify, Amazon, eBay or BigCommerce, each channel has their different nuances and requirements in how and when orders need to be shipped. If you are selling products multi-channel, this can be an arduous task to consolidate. Timely and efficient shipping can be the difference between a satisfied customer and a missed opportunity. For businesses, finding ways to optimize and automate their shipping processes can result in significant overhead savings. One platform that’s helping businesses achieve this is SKULabs. Among its plethora of features, SKULabs’ shipping rules stand out as a game changer for automating and enhancing the shipping process. Let’s delve into how these rules can reshape the shipping landscape for companies.

What are SKULabs’ Shipping Rules?

Shipping rules in SKULabs are customizable conditions and actions that automate how orders are handled and shipped. By setting up these rules, companies can dictate which shipping methods are used and automate tagging of orders on data such as sales channel, order weight, destination, warehouse location, included SKUs, days of the week, product type as well as countless other criteria.

Streamlining Shipping Choices

Selecting the appropriate shipping method for each order can be time-consuming. With SKULabs, businesses can automatically assign the optimal shipping method based on the order’s specifics. For instance, you might have rules like:

For orders over 5 lbs, use “Carrier X’s Ground Service.”

For international orders, use “Carrier Y’s International Service.”

For orders containing SKUs (xyz), “tag orders with (dry ice or fragile and use Carrier Z’s specific packaging and method)”

Zone-Based Shipping Decisions

Geographical locations play a crucial role in shipping. Using SKULabs’ Geo-Routing Rules, companies can define which carrier or service to use based on destination zones or warehouse locations. For example, orders heading to the West Coast might be best served by a different carrier or warehouse than those going to the East Coast. Automating these decisions ensure faster delivery times and lower landed costs.

Product-Specific Rules

Some products may have unique shipping requirements. Whether it’s perishable goods needing expedited shipping or fragile items requiring special packaging, SKULabs allows businesses to set rules that cater to these needs automatically. This ensures products arrive in optimal condition without manual intervention.

Automate Handling of High-Value Orders

High-value orders might require additional insurance, signature confirmations, or even a specific carrier known for secure deliveries. Instead of manually reviewing these orders, SKULabs’ rules can identify and process them appropriately and automatically, ensuring they’re handled with the necessary care and attention while you focus on the more vital matters of your business.

By setting rules for returns and exchanges, businesses can offer faster and more reliable customer service. For instance, certain items might have a “no return” policy, while others could be directed to a specific return center. Additionally you might have some products that will always require a return label for instance. Automating these processes minimizes errors and enhances the customer experience.

Integrations and Synchronization

One of SKULabs’ strengths is its ability to integrate with a host of carriers and sales channels. Once shipping rules are set up, they synchronize across all integrated platforms. This ensures a unified shipping approach irrespective of where the order originates.

Seasonal and Promotional Adjustments

During peak seasons or promotional periods, shipping dynamics can change. Maybe there’s a free shipping promotion, or perhaps there’s a temporary shift to a different carrier due to volume. SKULabs allows for temporary rule adjustments, ensuring businesses remain agile and responsive to changing market dynamics.


With automated shipping rules, businesses can easily analyze which rules are most effective and where adjustments are needed. This data-driven approach ensures continuous optimization of the shipping process and freeing up valuable time to focus on growing your operations.


In an era where shipping efficiency can make or break a business, SKULabs offers a powerful suite of tools to ensure companies remain at the forefront of eCommerce excellence. By harnessing the power of SKULabs’ shipping rules, businesses can save time, reduce errors, and most importantly, enhance the overall customer experience. Automation isn’t just the future; it’s the present, and with platforms like SKULabs, companies are well-equipped to navigate the evolving eCommerce landscape.

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Mastering Supplier Management with SKULabs: The Ultimate Guide to Seamless Purchase Orders

In the rat race of managing your eCommerce operations, navigating purchase orders and suppliers interactions can often become a maze. Behold SKULabs: the game-changer that brings clarity, efficiency, and automation to your doorstep.

Let’s journey through the myriad of features that SKULabs brings to the table, simplifying every facet of your supply management process.

SKULabs isn’t just another tool; it’s your inventory ally.

As you begin, the ease of adding your trusted suppliers and their range of features become evident. The interface is designed not only to be user-friendly but also to set the foundation for all the operations that follow.

Imagine this: Instead of manual guesswork that leaves room for error, SKULabs, with its smart inventory forecasting, provides a clearer picture. Drawing from sales trends and analyzing your current stockpile, it paints an accurate image of your future inventory needs, making sure you’re always a step ahead.

Communication is Key

Communication with suppliers, often a cumbersome task, becomes a cakewalk. A simple click lets you dispatch purchase orders to suppliers, complete with attached invoices. And here’s the magic – suppliers can directly acknowledge receipt through email. The moment that happens? Your SKULabs dashboard updates the PO status to “acknowledged”. Tracking numbers? Just as seamless. As suppliers share them, SKULabs ensures they’re appropriately mapped to the respective POs.

Speaking of numbers, let’s talk finances. With SKULabs, every item is accounted for. The system efficiently averages out the cost of items across received purchase orders, ensuring you always have an up-to-date view of your expenses.

Diverse businesses, diverse needs. Whether you’re the hands-on type who loves using an intuitive UI to craft the perfect PO or you prefer bulk operations via CSV imports, SKULabs has got your back. Every operation and every choice is tailored to fit snugly into your workflow.

But what about those unexpected stock depletions? SKULabs’ low stock alert automation is your guardian. Set your thresholds, and the moment items start running low, an alert reaches your inbox, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard.

To top it all, leveraging SKULabs for purchasing magnifies the potential of inventory tracking. Every nuance, from the moment an order is placed to its delivery, is meticulously logged. It’s not just tracking; it’s inventory storytelling.

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