One SKU to Rule Them All: How SKULabs Streamlines Amazon Inventory by Merging FBA and FBM SKUs

In the world of eCommerce, managing inventory can often be as challenging as it is critical. Retailers who sell across multiple platforms, including Amazon, are familiar with the complexities of tracking stock levels for items that are both Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). Enter SKULabs, an inventory and order management system that brings a solution to the table: the automatic merging of FBA and FBM SKUs into a unified, organized catalog.

The Challenge of Managing Multiple Fulfillment Methods

Before delving into SKULabs’ solution, it’s important to understand the problem it addresses. Amazon sellers typically have SKUs that are fulfilled in two ways:

  1. FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon): Amazon takes responsibility for storing, picking, packing, and shipping the product. They also handle returns and customer service for these items.
  2. FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant): The seller is in charge of storing their own inventory and taking care of all the logistics related to shipping, returns, and customer service.

Managing two sets of SKUs for the same item can be a logistical nightmare. It can lead to inaccuracies in inventory tracking, inconsistencies in stock levels, and confusion during order fulfillment – all of which can ultimately harm customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

SKULabs’ Epic Solution

SKULabs tackles this issue head-on with its innovative approach to SKU management. Here’s how the magic works:

Automatic Merging of SKUs

Based on ASIN, SKULabs’ system is designed to automatically identify and merge FBA and FBM SKUs for the same product into a single SKU in the SKULabs catalog. This means that even though you may have different fulfillment methods, your inventory is tracked as a single unit. This automation simplifies inventory management dramatically.

One Unified Catalog

By merging FBA and FBM SKUs, SKULabs creates a unified catalog. This has several benefits:

  • Simplified Inventory Management: With a single point of reference for each product, it’s easier to monitor stock levels and predict inventory needs.
  • Efficient Order Processing: When an order comes in, SKULabs knows exactly which fulfillment method to use based on the most efficient option or the one you prefer.
  • Centralized Data Analysis: With merged SKUs, sellers can analyze product performance across all fulfillment methods without having to segment the data manually. This significantly simplifies the reordering process.

Real-Time Synchronization

SKULabs not only merges the SKUs but also ensures that inventory levels are synchronized in real-time. This means that sales from either FBA or FBM will immediately reflect across the system, ensuring that inventory levels are always up to date. With SKULabs, you can sync your stock levels from FBA into a connected virtual warehouse to always retain visibility on stock levels

Streamlined Restocking

When it’s time to restock, SKULabs provides a comprehensive picture of inventory across both fulfillment methods, making it easier to decide how much to reorder and how to allocate between FBA and FBM.

Consistent Customer Experience

By effectively managing inventory, SKULabs helps sellers maintain a consistent customer experience, regardless of the fulfillment method. Customers receive their orders on time, and the risk of overselling or running out of stock is minimized.

Even the Smallest Feature Can Change the Course of the Future.

The integration of FBA and FBM SKU merging by SKULabs represents a significant leap forward for Amazon sellers seeking operational efficiency. By automating what was once a tedious and error-prone process, SKULabs has empowered retailers to focus more on growth and less on the nitty-gritty of inventory management.

For businesses looking to streamline their operations and harness the full potential of their Amazon sales channel, SKULabs offers an elegant solution that turns the complexity of managing multiple SKUs into a strategic advantage. As eCommerce continues to evolve, tools like SKULabs will be invaluable in helping sellers stay organized, focused, and ahead of the competition.

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